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How to Take Care of Your Oral Health During COVID-19 Pandemic


Oral Health During COVID-19 Pandemic: In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to know how to take care of overall health, including oral health. We can prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following simple instructions such as wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene. The same is true for oral health: by practicing good oral health practices, we can avoid dental emergencies. If you have a dental emergency, we’re here to help. We take extra precautions, like only letting one patient in the clinic at a time, using extra-oral aerosol suction to keep infections from spreading, and cleaning the surfaces between patients. 

Here are oral healthcare tips for you to prevent dental emergencies:

Maintain a good oral care regimen at home

Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day for an adequate amount of time. Two minutes of brushing your teeth is sufficient to clean the surfaces of your teeth thoroughly.

Electric toothbrushes are helpful as most of them have a timer for this, and due to their rotational movements, or simply, you can use a timer or clock in the bathroom to make sure you are brushing for at least two minutes. 

Replace your toothbrush every three months

We advise changing the toothbrush every three months or earlier in the case of any wear and tear on the toothbrush. With old and damaged brushes, it is difficult to clean difficult and deep places.

Dental Floss- A must

Dental floss is used to clean surfaces between your teeth. By flossing, we can clean 1/3 of the tooth surfaces that are missed by only brushing. 

Restrict Daily Sugar Intake

Dental caries are more common when you eat more sticky and sugary foods. This increases the acidity of your mouth. This will lead to more cavities due to the reaction with your teeth’ enamel. If you still want to eat a sweet snack, it is best to eat it at the start of your main meal. This will reduce tooth damage due to less acidity.

Stay hydrated

Your body is producing saliva continually. To produce enough saliva, you need to keep well hydrated. Saliva is important to maintain normal intraoral pH and keep our mouth clean naturally.

In Case of a Dental Emergency, We’re Here to Help:

If you have pain in your teeth, swelling on your gums, or pain in your jaw, consult Dr. Renu Dental Clinic. We are available for online and offline consultation. To avoid overcrowding, make an appointment first.

You can call us at +919650935061 or book an appointment online on our website. 

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