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Step-by-Step Guide to Root Canal Treatment: Are you suffering from a toothache or infection? Do you need a root canal treatment in Jaipur? Don’t worry. This guide by Dr. Renu Chaudhary, one of the best dental doctors in Jaipur, will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. 

Understanding Step-by-Step Guide to Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a dental procedure to repair and save a tooth that has become severely decayed or infected. The dentist removes the damaged or infected pulp (soft inner tissue) from inside the tooth during the treatment. This allows you to keep your natural tooth and avoid an extraction.

Step-by-Step Guide to Root Canal Treatment

The Root Canal Procedure in Jaipur

  1. Diagnosis and X-Ray

Before that, Dr. Renu will take an x-ray to confirm a root canal. It will be confirmed if one needs a root canal for proper treatment in case of any damage or infection.

  1. Local Anesthesia

Don’t worry; it won’t be too painful for you. A local anesthetic injection is given in the area close to the tooth before doing a procedure.

  1. Isolating the Tooth

A rubber dam will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry and free from saliva.

  1. Accessing the Pulp Chamber

Dr. Renu will make a small opening in the top of your tooth to access the infected or inflamed pulp inside.

  1. Cleaning and Shaping

She would use special files for the dental and clean filing of all the diseased pulp in the root canals. They would then be shaped to constant tips, preparing them for filling.

  1. Filling the Canals

Gutta-percha is a rubbery material that is often used to fill and seal the cleaned root canals to prevent subsequent infection. 

  1. Temporary Filling 

The access hole will be sealed with a temporary filling to allow the area to heal. 

  1. Permanent Restoration 

Another appointment is set to have the permanent restoration, like a dental crown, placed to cover and restore the full function of the seriously troubled tooth.

  1. Follow-Up Visits

You may need a couple of follow-up visits to monitor healing and ensure the success of your root canal treatment in Jaipur.

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FAQs: Step-by-Step Guide to Root Canal Treatment

1. Does a root canal hurt?

Nowadays, many patients feel comfortable being operated on straightaway the same day without any delays. With the advancements of these days, there is relatively minimal discomfort felt. There may be some slight soreness following the procedure, which can be pared down with over-the-counter pain relievers.

2. Do I need a crown after a root canal?

Mostly yes. If the treated tooth has been completed with a crown, it adds in an element of protection from cracks or fractures since the tooth may become weaker afterward through chipping or breaking.

3. How long does a root canal take?

The procedure by itself might take from one to two hours. Generally, one is in the dental clinic for two to three hours, including the time for giving anesthesia and other preparations.

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