dental guard in bruxism
why & what is

bruxism or teeth grinding

Bruxism, or “night grinding” or “clenching”, is a common condition, mostly associated with anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation. It has many devastating effects on your oral health.

The negative effects of bruxism on your oral health

  • Tooth sensitivity due to tooth erosion
  • TMJ pain due to forceful movements
  • Bone loss at the jaw due to abnormal movement
  • Pain while chewing due to muscle fatigue
  • Headache due to improper sleep and tension headache
When to Consult a dentist for

bruxism or teeth grinding

Since bruxism worsens with passing time, the treatment should start immediately, as soon as the condition is diagnosed.

  • Once the underlying cause, such as stress or anxiety, has been identified, treat it.
  • Nightguard can be useful in milder cases.
  • Full mouth reconstruction is required in severe cases.
  • If you notice that your child is grinding his or her teeth, consult with our best dentist to avoid tooth erosion and other problems as mentioned above.
after treatment in bruxism