crown and bridge


Once you’ve broken a tooth, we use a crown. This would possibly happen due to trauma, or weakening by decay, or due to a really massive filling.

The crown fits over the remaining part of the tooth after tooth preparation like a cap. That makes the tooth strong and gives it the shape of a natural tooth. It will be the same colour as your teeth, giving the restoration a more natural appearance, so it will fit in with the rest of your teeth.

benefit of Metal free


We might recommend a zirconia crown replacement for discoloured fillings to improve the aesthetic look. If you had a root canal treatment, that tooth will need a crown for protection or cap to cap the restored tooth. That will allow you to eat like a real tooth. Crowns are also used to anchor a bridge, called a fixed bridge, for missing tooth replacement.

In some old crowns, if fitted over 10 years ago, you may start to see a dark line between the crown and gum. This is working normally, but some patients wish to replace this crown with a zirconia crown for a better and more confident smile.

If you would like to replace your old crowns, please book an appointment with Dr. Renu Chaudhary, the best cosmetic and smile makeover specialist in Nirman Nagar and Shyam Nagar, Jaipur. She would be very happy to help you.

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crown and bridge
traditional & ZIRCONIA


Bridges are a traditional, safe, and reliable solution for missing teeth replacement and cosmetic smile design. In our clinic setup, we have all types of bridges, from metal porcelain to metal free zirconia.

Bridges are securely bonded with natural teeth on both sides or can be fixed on teeth on one side and implants on the other or purely on implants without touching teeth. As these bridges are fixed, they help chewing and eating like natural teeth.

Care of the bridge is very important. You will have to take extra care of your oral hygiene to ensure that it stays plaque free to prevent bad breath. We will advise you on how best to ensure your overall dental health and hygiene.