dental care in pregnancy
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In pregnancy, there are many changes in your body, including hormonal changes. It is more important to take care of your oral health. Many women notice inflamed and red gums that might bleed sometimes.

These red and inflamed gums, known as “pregnancy gingivitis,” can start in the second month of pregnancy. In normal pregnancy, progesteron can be 10 times higher than normal. More plaques are formed due to this, so women are more susceptible to periodontal disease in pregnancy.

Some women in pregnancy also experience growth on their gums known as “pregnancy granuloma”. They are usually found on the upper gums, although they are not dangerous, they cause discomfort.

Tooth erosions are also more common in pregnancy due to constant acid exposure due to morning sickness. This can be easily overcome by drinking more water and chewing sugarless candies to secrete more saliva.

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dental care in pregnancy