quit smoking
How smoking effects

your teeth

The effect of smoking on your teeth is right at the sharp end. Many studies have shown that smoking and using tobacco products has a detrimental effect on your teeth and gums. The problem is caused by the fact that tobacco affects the gum tissue cells, making smokers more prone to getting infections in the form of gum and periodontal diseases.

Here’s what else it does: bad breath, stained teeth, jawbone loss, shrinking gums, mouth sores, decreased senses of taste and smell, poor healing of mouth sores, and hairy tongue.

The risks of smoking

Smoking and tobacco chewing are the most common causes of mouth cancer. Thousands of people die every year due to mouth cancer. The main culprit is smoking.

As your preferred dentist, it’s our duty to tell you the risks of smoking and to help you learn how to quit smoking by giving you information and support. By quitting smoking and stopping tobacco products, your preventative care will benefit you more and you will see good changes in your mouth. It is important for you to consult your dentist regularly for check-ups so our best dentist can help you to maintain good preventative care and you will be encouraged.

quit smoking