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Root Canal Infection: It is normal for the pulp of your tooth to get infected with a root canal infection, which is also called pulpitis. Nerves, blood vessels, and elastic tissue are all in the pulp. It’s inside the root tube, the part of the tooth that extends into the jawbone. When the pulp becomes infected or inflamed due to decay or injury, you may experience severe tooth pain and require root canal treatment. Dr. Renu Chaudhary, a leading Best Dentist in Jaipur at Dr. Renu Dental Clinic, Jaipur shares essential information about root canal infections.

What causes a root canal infection?

The most common causes of a root canal infection include:

  • Tooth decay: Bacteria can get into the pulp of the tooth through a hole in the tooth.
  • Cracked teeth: Cracks let germs into the pulp and make it swell.
  • Repeated dental procedures—Having multiple fillings or crowns put on a tooth can hurt the pulp.
  • Injury: If you knock out or chip a tooth, the pulp can be seen.

What are the symptoms of a root canal infection?

Some key signs that you may have a root canal infection include:

  • Severe toothache in a specific tooth, especially when biting down. The pain may linger even after the stimulus is removed.
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
  • Darkening color of the tooth.
  • Swelling or pimple on the gums near the infected tooth.
  • Pus drainage occurs in or around the tooth.

Why is a root canal treatment needed?

If the pulp becomes infected, the inflammation and bacteria can spread through the root canal system and into the surrounding bone tissue. This can eventually lead to an abscess or loss of the tooth. A Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur is recommended to save the tooth by removing the infected or inflamed pulp and flushing out the bacteria. The root canal is then filled and sealed to prevent reinfection.

 Knowing All About Root Canal Infection

What happens during a root canal?

Here are the general steps your Dental Doctor in Jaipur will take during your root canal treatment:

  • Local anesthesia is administered to numb the area.
  • A small hole is drilled through the top of the tooth to access the pulp chamber and root canals.
  • The infected pulp tissue is removed.
  • The root canals are cleaned and shaped with tiny files to remove bacteria and debris. They are rinsed with antibacterial solutions.
  • The cleaned and disinfected canals are filled with an inert rubbery gutta-percha material.
  • A temporary or permanent filling seals the access hole.
  • A dental crown is often recommended later to restore the tooth fully.

To ensure your root canal heals appropriately and prevents reinfection, it’s important to follow all of your dentist’s post-treatment recommendations. This could mean taking over-the-counter painkillers as needed, not chewing on the tooth until it’s fully healed, taking care of your teeth at home, and getting a permanent crown put on right away.

Root canal treatment can be a complex procedure, but it is highly effective at saving infected teeth. Stay vigilant about dental symptoms and schedule an exam promptly if you suspect an issue. The skilled dentists at Dr. Renu Dental Clinic in Jaipur have years of advanced endodontic training and utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide precise and gentle care. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation!

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FAQs: Root Canal Infection

1. What are the complications if a root canal infection is left untreated?
Leaving a root canal infection untreated can lead to severe tooth pain, tooth loss, infection spread, and other complications like cysts and abscesses. It’s important to see a dentist right away if you suspect you have an infected pulp.

2. How long does a root canal procedure take?
Most root canal treatments take 1-2 appointments to complete. Each appointment usually lasts 1-2 hours. The steps are spread out over multiple sessions to allow proper cleaning, disinfection, and sealing of the canals.

3. What type of dentist performs root canals?
Root canal treatments are performed by endodontists – dental specialists who focus exclusively on issues inside the tooth structure, including root canals and pulp. General dentists can also do root canal procedures after advanced training.

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