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It will take some time for the implant to integrate into the jaw after it has been placed. After osteo integration, the denture is placed on the implant with special fixtures. There are two types of fixtures: one where you can remove the denture and clean it yourself, and one where the dentist will remove it and replace it after cleaning if necessary.

Our patients report that their quality of life is massively improved after implant-supported dentures. They will be able to enjoy food like natural teeth and have their confidence improved as there is no chance of dentures falling out. They also experience less friction on their gums. This will help them to eat and drink without fear of dentures falling out.



Our professional team will perform the surgery to have the implants placed in your jaw. Once the implants have integrated with the bone and surrounding tissues for a period of time, your dentures are placed on top of the implants through a range of special fixtures.

This means your dentures can still be removed for cleaning but will stay put once in place.

Our patients report a massive increase in quality of life afterward. They enjoy a natural-looking smile and improved confidence in public. They experience less irritation of the gums caused by dentures, and they don’t need to take teeth out at night.

For some people, this treatment is revolutionary, allowing you to eat, chew, and bite without your dentures falling out or having to stick to a soft food diet for the rest of your life.